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Readers Respond: How Did You Know You Had Hepatitis?

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Updated June 15, 2009

People are tipped off that they may have hepatitis in different ways. For a very few, it's looking in a mirror and seeing yellow. Some may have suspicions because of certain symptoms they've been having. Most probably learn about it from an unrelated blood test during a physical exam. How about you? What prompted you to eventually get your official diagnosis from your doctor?


I was so tired and i decided to go for a blood test. Though i was so sacred but doctor told me not to worry.
—Guest Light

How Did you Know you had Hepatitis?

I applied for life insurance a couple of years ago. A nurse came to my house and conducted a physical. A few weeks later I received a letter in the mail stating that I was denied life insurance due to health reasons. On the second page it said I had Hepatitis C. Of course this scared me because I didn't know what it was and after I looked on the Internet I was even more scared. I also received a phone call from the CDC, which scared me even more because I didn't know how they knew and thought I was in some sort of trouble.

Afraid of the future

I was enrolled in a university to stuey my Ph.D. I had to stay in the dorm so I had to go through a blood testings. I was shocked to know my blood test result showed that I have Hepatitis B. I went to the doctor for treatment bu he said, there is no need. Then, how long will I live? I got this from a friend sharing dishes. Is this possible? Can Hepatitis B be passed on through saliva? Is it true that there is no treatment for this? What is my alternative other than waiting to die?
—Guest Alain

A Magazine Article

I had been having digestive problems for years. While in the gastro office, I picked up a magazine and read about Hep-C. Since I had a transfusion, and my ex had died from liver failure, I asked for testing. I was blown off. 7 or 8 months later I went to another doctor and requested the test. Yes, I had it along with liver damage from a transfusion in 1982. Still have it, after 5 week in a clinical trial. Got too sick to continue. But now they say it is no longer attacking my liver. Now all I have to deal with is fear of the future and all the negativity of the disease.
—Guest bgbsn55

Possible diagnosis

Hi, I had routine labs a few weeks ago. Went this week for the results (for status of diabetes). The liver enzymes came back extremely high. The Dr ordered Hepatitis panels. Along with Other tests for Lupus because of other symptoms. I have been an emotional wreck all week. I don't see the DR till the 9th of October. I don't know how I will make it till then. It is difficult to concentrate, so now my job is suffering. I don't know what can cause high liver enzyme levels besides Hepatitis. I am not a drinker. thanks for listening
—Guest Scared One


I am a preschool special education teacher. One day a little girl bit me and drew blood. As part of workman's comp procedures I had to be tested. Boy were we surprised that she was the one who needed protection. We assumed that I acquired the virus during an open heart operation with a blood transfusion in 1980

Autoimmune Chronic Hepatitis

In 1988 mine was discovered by routine pre-op blood tests prior to surgery. After many tests that diagnosed Chronic Autoimmune hepatitis I finally had the surgery. I'm still on meds, prednison, and Asazan and can't seem to get off either one. They do keep my liver tests normal. I would love to be medication free, but I don't know if this will ever happen. 21 years and counting... Beth

What propmted me to get treatment

I had a car accident in Dec. 1984 after which I had numerous blood transfusions. Many years later, I donated blood to the local blood bank and was shocked when I received a letter stating that I had the antibodies for hepatitis c. I thought having the antibodies meant that my body had over come it. I did not see a doctor. I had no symptoms throughout the next 25 years. During that time we lived in a couple other states. While In Georgia, I learned that having the antibody does not mean the body has overcome the virus. I had no liver damage and my viral load was extremely low so my dr. told me it would be ok to watch it for awhile with blood tests every six months. After my husband retired, we moved back to Tennessee. My new dr. was so upset that I did not get treated earlier that he literally threw my file on the table. Needless to say, I knew then it was serious. I did 48 weeks of treatment ending in May 2009 and cleared in 12. weeks VickieG


routine blood work for surgery, now i can't have the surgery.
—Guest chip

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