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Can Drinking after Someone Give You Hepatitis C?


Updated May 13, 2014

Question: Can Drinking after Someone Give You Hepatitis C?
Answer: No, drinking after someone with hepatitis C will not give you hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is spread by contact with infected blood, so unless there was blood on the glass and it contacted on open wound in your mouth, there is no risk of infection.

In fact, there is no evidence that casual contact, in general, spreads hepatitis C. Casual contact includes kissing, sneezing, hugging, coughing, sharing food or water, sharing eating utensils or drinking glasses.

However, there is a slight risk of infection among household contacts, which means people who live with someone who is hepatitis C positive have a greater chance of getting infected, too. This is probably because people who live together tend to share personal items like razors and toothbrushes, which may be contaminated with infected blood. Because of this, do not share personal items such as razors and toothbrushes. Other strategies in hepatitis C prevention include not shooting drugs and practicing safer sex.


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