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Should You Be Tested for Hepatitis C?

Seven Reasons You Need a Blood Test


Updated February 18, 2009

Nearly 70% of people who contract hepatitis C do not have acute infection. The disease may be diagnosed years later from routine lab tests. As chronic hepatitis C infection can have many consequences, such as cirrhosis (hardening of the liver) and liver cancer, it is important for patients to be diagnosed early so they can receive appropriate treatment and monitoring for their disease. Some people have a higher chance of being exposed to the hepatitis C virus than others. Here are seven risk factors for hepatitis C infection.
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Have you ever used injection drugs?Are you HIV positive?Do you have liver disease or abnormal liver tests?Have you had a needlestick injury?
Are you on dialysis?Have you had a blood transfusion or organ transplant?Have you ever been treated for a blood clotting problem?
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