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Three Who Share Their Stories

By December 16, 2009

One of the most interesting parts of working with people is hearing their stories. As an advocate for hepatitis education, I've had a chance to talk with many people about their disease and how they live with it. Here are some members of the hepatitis community who I've had the pleasure of interviewing over the past few years:

Theresa is a stained glass artist who calls herself a dragon slayer. She talks about her struggle with hepatitis C and after finishing treatment, being HCV RNA negative for over two years. Her story is one of encouragement and victory.

Hope and Dennis are a couple who were both diagnosed with hepatitis C years ago.  She describes how they went through treatment and the ups and downs of living with hepatitis C. If you visit the hepatitis forums, you may know Hope as the site moderator. She's very supportive but wants people to know how tough treatment can be.

Mike is a medical professional who successfully juggled the demands of treatment, career and family. Of course that was then. Now his virus is at undetectable levels and he is busy with life. My favorite part of his interview? It's at the very end where he offers his advice for someone newly diagnosed with hepatitis C.

If you'd like to share your story with other viewers, please email me and let's "talk."

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